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Sombol Taefi, singer, New Zealand

Kathy Tahiri, singer, choir director, U.S.A.

Táhirih, poet, writer, theological essayist, translator, Iran. (1814 - 1852)

Miho Tanaka, poet, Japan.

Colin Taylor, theatre, U.S.A.

David Taylor, painter / aesthetics / art history, U.S.A.

Ryan Telfer, musician, Canada

Peter Terry, singer of classical music, U.S.A.

Kevin Tilbury, musician, northrumbrian pipes, Eastern music, Lithuania / U.K.

Thidrin, world music band, (Morocco) The Netherlands

Castadarrow Thompkins, singer, U.S.A.

Jeff Thomson, sculptor, New Zealand.

Mária Titi, painter, Hungary.

Mahinarangi Tocker, singer / songwriter, and poet, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Mark Tobey, painter, U.S.A.

Filipe Tohi, sculptor, New Zealand.

Lasse Thoresen, composer, Norway

Belinda Tournier, visual artist, curator, U.K.

Patricia Haley-Tsui ceramics, Canada.

Olesya Tsutskova, illustrator, painter, Russia

Lubica Turcanová, journalism and audio-visual studies, Slovakia.

Reginald Turvey, painter, South Africa.

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