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Nawruz Paguidopon, illustration, animation, webdesign, The Philippines.

Rhonda Palmer, poet, poetry editor, U.S.A.

Park Byoung-Uk, performance, sculpture, curation, South Korea.

Ruth Park, ceramicist, Australia.

Richard Paton, visual artist / curator, U.K.

Catherine (Patrick) McLaughlin, poet, reviewer, Canada.

Joanna Margaret Paul, poet, painter, New Zealand.

Bev Peden, visual artist (painter), Canada (Uganda).

Julie Penfold, curator, reviewer, arts organiser, U.K.

Francisco González Pérez, photographer, Spain.

June Perkins, poet / theatre/film theory/history, Australia.

Anne Gordon Perry, aesthetics, reviewer, arts organizer, poet, dancer, U.S.A.

Wendeline Philpott, play review, Canada.

Juanita Pichardo de Peralta, painter, Dominican Republic.

Oleg Podbereznyi, sculpture, painting, graphics and decorative arts, Russia.

Bud Polk, writer, journalist, editor, U.S.A.

Carwyn Ponga, painting, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Rosey E. Pool, poet / compiled anthologies on African American poetry, The Netherlands.

Herman Poort, poet, Czech Republic / The Netherlands.

KC Porter, songwriter, music producer, U.S.A.

Praying for the Rain: Dominic DeCicco, Vincenzo DeCicco, and other musicians, U.K.

Marion Prentice, painting, printmaking, installations, U.K.

Roger Prentice, arts education, U.K.

Ron Price, poet, poet reviewer, Australia.

Tom Price, composer, choir director, U.S.A.

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