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Mark Ochu, concert pianist, lecturer on music, U.S.A.

Karen Oleson, singing, voice training, U.S.A.

Carl O'Kelley, photography, U.S.A.

Kwame Okyere-Boateng, musician, writer, Ghana / South Africa

Mary O´Malley, poet, Ireland.

Anna Oniszk, drawings, illustrations, Poland.

Daniel Orey, mathmatician, reviews, photographs, U.S.A. / Brazil

Sean O'Rourke, musician, graphic artist, Scotland, U.K.

Elena Ostrer, painter, stage design, illustrator, Russia.

Keli Ottarsson, poet, Iceland.

Craig Owens & the Bodo Ensemble, jazz, U.S.A.


One country, arts related mention in our publications, U.S.A.

Orison, arts journal produced by the Bahá´í Institute for the Arts, Canada / U.S.A.

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