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Godfrey Machijli, sculptor, Zimbabwe.

Larry Magee, singer, songwriter, musician, U.S.A.

Imelda Maguire, poetry, creative writing, Ireland.

Elika Mahony, musician, singer, composer, P.R. China.

Alexander Malgazhdarov, photographer, Kazakhstan.

Dale Malner, installations / sculpture, U.S.A.

Fritz Mann, painter, printmaker, U.S.A.

Audrey Marcus, drawing, painting, U.S.A.

Alison Marshall, writer / editor / singer, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Steve Marshall, member of the BAFA board / the internet, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Vahid Masrour and Kioumars Balazadeh, New Vision - rap duo, Chile.

Jeremy Martin singer, songwriter, musician, New Zealand.

Vahid Matejko composer, arranger, pianist, Germany.

John Matthews, poet, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Peter Mazal, guitarist, singer, Austria / Slovakia.

Vargha Mazlum, singer, songwriter, musician, member of the group: Light in the Darkness, Italy.

Venancio Mbande, timbula musician, composer, Mozambique / South Africa.

Sabrina McCormick, processed photo images - visual artist, U.S.A.

Sen McGlinn, poet, reviewer, editor, The Netherlands / New Zealand.

Alan McKay, guitarist, lyricist, architect, Shetland Islands, U.K.

Jack McLean, poet, author, Canada.

Susan McLaren, poet, Venezuela.

Catherine (Patrick) McLaughlin, poet, reviewer, Canada.

Hugh McKinley, poet, U.K.

Mary Lin McMahon, visual artist, Australia.

Susan McMaster, poet, Canada.

Judith McNeil, poet, singer, songwriter, Aoteaaroa / New Zealand.

Margie Díaz Mesén, translator, photographer, Costa Rica.

Chris Miller, musician, Guyana.

Millero Congo, percussion, flute, guitar, voice, Afri-caribbean/traditional/crossover music, Colombia.

Uda Miller painting, U.S.A.

Bobby Mitchell, poet, writer, U.S.A.

Vasu Mohan, dancer, choreographer, India / U.S.A.

Frederick Mohler / Zoharo DeTafalla, installations, sculpture, carving, U.S.A.

Hazel Mori, poet, The Philippines.

Ryozo Morishita, visual artist, Japan.

William Muñoz, photographer, U.S.A.

Philip Moore, sculptor, painter, Guyana.

Nadine Mouslimani, graphic designer, calligraphist, Lebanon.

Taraneh Mozoun, ceramic objects, the Netherlands.

Natalie Muller, textiles, The Netherlands.

Alan Murdock, performance / video, U.S.A.

Peter E. Murphy, poet, reviewer, critic (poetry), teacher, U.S.A.

The Musa Carvers, carvers, Cameroon.

Krzysztof Muszzynski, guitarist, songwriter, Poland.

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