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Louis Keller  

poet and visual artist, France.

Line Drawing incorporating the Greatest Name symbol.

Louis Keller, a member of the French Bahá´í community died on September 27th 1991 in Aix-in-Provence. Marie Veroda, produced a small booklet of his drawings and poems which was posted with the October 1991 Le Bulletin.

"...j'at longtemps appelé la bonne visiteurse,
la soeur de déliverance,
celle qui n'est venu m'emporter dans sa paix.
Et mainenant je rêve, au palais de la gène,
d'une vast nuit pleine,
d'un grand silence entier pour y nover ma peine.

From: Chansons du mal de tete, 1942.

I have long waited for that guest,
the good sister of deliverance,
the one who has not come
to take me to her rest.
And now, in this barren house, I dream
of a vast and eternal night,
a silence huge and deep enough
to drown my pain.

BAFA newsletter,
December 1991
pages 1 - 2 and 6.

  • Three Line Drawings: BAFA newsletter, December 1991
  • Poem: BAFA newsletter, December 1991
  • Poems and line drawings: in Le Bulletin October 1991

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