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Alhan Irwin  

digital artist and illustrator, U.S.A. (Iraq)

Alhan Irwin

Presently a digital art instructor of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Winner of several Art awards on local and national level with artwork displayed in several galleries, including some online. Currently living in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

My early life began in the Middle East ( Baghdad- Iraq), where I grew up as a Bahá´í with a strong belief in the oneness of mankind and love to all its diverse and beautiful cultures. These experiences have always influenced my work as a computer artist and illustrator.

My artwork consists of styles that portray culture, sensitivity and creativity. Mastering the sophisticated electronic tools in digital imaging and manipulation has added a new dimension and passion in the way I express my art. I have written and illustrated a children's book titled "The Case of a Different Face". To see more of my work please visit my site at: and for Bahá´í theme art please visit: www.Bahá´í

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