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Javier Castillo  

jeweller, Venezuela

Javier Castillo in his studio, 2006.

My name is Javier Castillo, a Bahá´í for 17 years and having worked as a goldsmith, I am currently I studying visual arts at the University of the Andes, located in Mérida in Venezuela.

I am A Venezuelan goldsmith having had the wonderful opportunity to realize works of goldwork for over 10 years.

I run a Jewellery shop, where I paint, emboss, use tápiz and many other techniques.

Below are some examples of my work.

Embossed rings by Javier Castillo, Venezuela.

I would be happy to have contact with others.

This is my email address:

Pendents by Javier Castillo, Venezuela.

Embossed pendents by Javier Castillo, Venezuela.

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