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Margaret Carloa  

singer, musician, U.K.

I am a member of the One World Rhythm choir, based around London, who sang in and at the Frankfurt House of Worship in May. It was a great honour for us to be asked to perform there. The whole weekend was a wonderful experience.
Performing in the House of Worship, our first performance outside of the UK, was a challenge because we had to do it without our usual instrumental accompaniment.

The One World Rhythm choir
outside the Frankfurt House of Worship, Germany, 1999.

One World Rhythm began about two years ago. It was formed by Kingsley and Suzanne Swan, who come originally from Bermuda and have lived also in the USA. The purpose of the choir is to promote the concept of unity from a Bahá´í vision. We have a variable number of members, from a large number of origins.

The music is gospel-inspired rather than gospel; we also sing Persian Bahá´í songs and pop songs with a Bahá´í flavour, and in Caribbean and other styles. The music is vibrant and lively...

Excerpt from a Letter in the September Arts Dialogue, 1999, page 3.

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