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Estelle Cabannes, visual artist / bookmaker, France.

Angela Campbell, singer, songwriter, musician, Belgium.

Dario Cardoso, singer / guitarist / songwriter, Argentina / Chile / Bolivia.

Margaret Carloa, singer, musician, U.K.

Clare Carswell, visual artist, U.K.

Javier Castillo, jeweller, Venezuela.

Ken Carter, painter, U.K.

Barbara Casterline, painter, illustrator, Japan.

Shaeron Caton-Rose, visual artist, curator, U.K.

Angelo Cerchione, journalist, reviewer (music), arts co-ordinator, U.S.A.

Gérard and Solange Chabert, street theatre performances, France.

Queenie (Makuini) Chadwick, T-shirt designer, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Chae Myung-Sook, paperwork and painting, South Korea

Eric Chaet, poet, writer, musician, actions/performances, U.S.A.

Bob Charnes, musician, U.S.A.

Chen Yi, painting / watercolour, P.R. China.

Cheri-Cherin, painter, The Congo.

Chris Cholas, poet, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Kuljit "Kooj" Chuhan, visual artist, makes interactive CDroms and video installations, U.K.

Chris Clay, ceramicist, U.S.A.

Line Clément, performance, painting, sculpture, France.

Liz Coats painter, Australia / New Zealand.

Ionel Cojocariu, sculptor, teacher in ceramics, Romania.

Juan Cole, translator, middle eastern studies, U.S.A.

Congo Music, musicians and singers from the Congo.

Hervé Constant, painter, U.K.

Brendan Cook, creative writing, Canada

Henry Corcoran, theatre, U.S.A.

Brian Corvin, performance / conceptual art, creative writing, poetry, Ireland.

Henri Cross, songwriter, musician, U.S.A.

Patrick Crowley, Irish music, (Ireland) Poland.

Deborah Crumbaker, design, ceramics, U.S.A.

Barry Crump, author, New Zealand.

Cheryl Cudmore, poet, designer, Canada.


Channel Gallery, U.K.

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