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Rey P. Borromeo  

poetry, The Philippines


I was born in 1981 in the year of the Rooster and currently reside in Digos City. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and am currently practicing my profession as a nurse. My family used to call me by my nick name "Koko" which comes from the Malaysian word meaning "Big Brother". In my leisure time I read novels, write short stories and poems, and I used to sing in a videoke machine with those classical songs, which are sing by the Filipino classical singer Martin Nievera.

The poem "Relationship" expresses the simplicity in relationship the of nature to our life while the other one entitled "My Struggle and You" relates to myself as someone, struggling to see light for tomorrow.

My email is:
rrborree -AT-

(Rey P. Borromeo)

A small seeding has sprouted
A midst the turmoil of survival
Its only goal in life-
To grow

It reaches for the sunlight
And searches through the soul
Many obstacles obscure the seeding path
Yet as it grows it becomes stronger
More resilient to its surroundings
It grows tall and strong
In the shape of a tree.

My Struggle and you
(Rey P. Borromeo)

Dark was the world
Of you and me
Where people were faceless
Where gods rule with iron chains

Numb was the world
Of you and me
Where indifference was the only emotion
Where hope erased and dreams-
Merely illusions

Sad was the world
Of you and me
Where not soul breathed
Without the fear of dying

Deaf was the world
But our heartbeats resounded
I was there with you
So there would be you and me-
In strife against hunger and loneliness

Dark was our world
And it has set apart
I longed for the light... I struggled
While you succumbed in pain and drowned
In nothingness

I closed my eyes
And felt my veins throb
As ribbons of light
Slowly washed my being

Now dark is your world
But you refuse to be free
I long to share with you the light
Yet, you never wanted to see.

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