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Travis Birch  

ballet dancer, choreographer, Canada

Currently a member of the Alberta Ballet, Canada's fourth largest dance company.

-Several choreographic credits, including 'Djinn'('94) and 'Enthusiasmos' ('95), both for the National Ballet School (of Canada)'s Stephen Godfrey Choreographic Workshop, as well as 'Extract'(2000), which is based on the Roger White Poem 'Eve and All That' and was commissioned by the Calgary Bach Society.

-Created and performed several soloist roles, including, most recently, one of four roles in 'Blank Snow', a ballet by Netherlands Dance Theatre choreographer Jorma Elo.

-Co-coordinator of a youth arts project, as part of the Alberta Regional Bahá´í Council's 'Sacred Bridge' project, designed to bridge the rifts between the aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities in Alberta.

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