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Omid Aazami, dancer in the Awake Dutch Bahá´í Dancegroup, The Netherlands.

Susie Agahi, actress, Northern Ireland.

Margo Akermark, reviewer, Latvia.

Alí Allié, filmmaker, U.S.A.

Rob P. Altork, poetry, U.S.A.

Ashley Alvis, poet, U.S.A.

Janita Appa, visual artist, U.K.

Margaret Appa, arts organizer, U.K.

R.Jackson Armstrong-Ingram, author, archivist, musicologist, (Northern Ireland) U.S.A.

Ilya Artamonov, painter, teaches at the Kazan school of visual arts, Russia.

Howard Atkinson, writer and editor, (British-born) living in the Czech Republic.

Jean-Pierre Aubert, painter, artiste visuelle, France.

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